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One of the most remarkable innovations of this new world is the development of Near Field Communication tags.
To Tap provides a platform that allows you to read NFC tags and obtain different dynamic digital contents in the most seamless way.
With this, you can convey information and contents about your business, and know where your clients are, as well as when they are thinking of your brand.

To TAP! provides a revolution to the approach used in interacting with your business clients.
Tap to interact with the world, and then make your possibilities limitless.

Empower your business

The application of To TAP is quite vast, and this is due to its profound versatility; it could be applied to museums (to provide more information about a piece or even a full guided tour), business cards (to allow the sharing of your contact through a tap), sharing of information and media, interaction with any IoT devices (Internet of Things), and many more.

QR codes and today’s NFC technology are things of the past. One of their limitations is that they are extremely limited in their storage capacity and usage.
Nonetheless, with our service, these limitations can be gotten rid of, and you can then remotely change the contents of a tag in real time, without experiencing any storage issues.

Create and update the content of your tags anytime and anywhere

To do this, all that is required of you is to visit our portal and edit tags individually or in groups.

By tapping the tag, all information will be presented in the user's phone.

This also triggers any set actions. In addition, you can check important analytics about your tag usage (metrics about each tag, such as where, when, and how many times a tag was taped) by visiting our portal.

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